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We are the third generation of the family involved in the preparation of traditional dairy ( yogurt , screed , pudding , ice cream) .
Gogos Markos and Gogou Goni are two brothers and members of the company which was launched with this name in 2002 in the Industrial Area of Kavala.
From 1964 to 2002 the work on guiding our father Nikos Gogos . Led slavery in wholesale in all shops of the county and the Hospital of Kavala and in the 1973 produces  first in the county  lean cow yogurt 0 % .
The 1931 is the first record in the Chamber of Kavala from our grandfather Gogo Marcos, who was born in Kastoria Klisoura , because of the war migrated to Constantinople and lives next to his fathers brother, where he learns the  production of yogurt , screed , rice pudding . In 1931, then settled in Kavala . His first shop was in St. Paul and starts producing and selling yoghurts .
Since then many people grew up with these products and continue to produce today . We marry tradition with modern technology to prepare pure products tasty and safe for us and our children .
Our products are:
• Cow yogurt with film
• Sheep yogurt with film
• Lean film with 0 %
• Lean 2% film
• Strained yogurt traditional
• Ariani
• Rice pudding
• Ice cream in 20 flavors
• Cream